2.8 – 5 YEARS

 age 2.8 - 5 years

Children attend our preschool program five days a week (either morning or afternoon). Classes are from Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 12 noon and 1.15pm to 4.15pm. We have a fantastic ratio of 15 children for 2 adults (one trained teacher and one educational assistant).  

Our preschool caters for children who are beginning their first independent schooling experience. Initially the main goals of the program are independence, confidence and the development of a positive attitude towards preschool. Gradually the children are introduced to a more structured timetable and a combination of play-based and teacher-led activities that will help them develop the skills necessary to successfully transition into the next phase of their education. As this is an unaccompanied program children must be of the requisite age and be fully toilet trained before commencing preschool.  

Preschool children move through developmental ages at differing speeds. The preschool is organised into three different age/developmental groups and children move through the program accordingly. City Kids follows the EYFS curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage). In addition, through whole school assemblies, the children are introduced to different virtues (cooperation, resilience, compassion, respect, enquire, communication). We believe that introducing virtues across the school community, including parents, staff and children creates a positive attitude early on in life.

A ll members of staff contribute through open, positive and supportive relationships where young children feel that they are listened to, promoting a climate in which young children feel safe and secure, using language of encouragement to raise self esteem and modeling behaviour which promotes effective learning and wellbeing within the school community.

The focus is very much on making each task and activity child-led and engaging their interest through play while developing, numeracy and literacy skills and their knowledge and understanding of the world.

With progression to the older preschool class, the curriculum becomes more , preparing the children for entry into primary school. The children’s play becomes more rule-oriented and develops autonomy and cooperation.

Our children leave us as confident achievers, well prepared to tackle the next steps in their education. 

Starting at 2.8 years old

The aim of the Bumblebees class is to offer children their first unaccompanied experience of school, to encourage separation from parents and to start forming relationships with peers.

Our younger students enjoy having a space of their own where they can experience the joy of creating art works and playing with play dough, water, sand and other tactile and sensory materials. Initially, separation is a primary focus for many children, and the teacher’s role is to gently guide the children into the social world of preschool. Their confidence levels grow and they become involved in dramatic play and music and movement activities. As the children's attention spans lengthen, discussions and projects become more involved.


The curriculum becomes more structured with progression into the Ladybugs from the Bumblebees.  

Ladybugs are embarking on an important transition from participating in mostly adult-directed play to self-directed play and exploration. Exploring their own opportunities for learning is a pivotal part of their transition. The teachers play an important role in empowering the children to engage in imaginative and creative play and to explore different materials. As Ladybugs, the children's social skills also bloom, as they learn about sharing, taking turns, and the value of cooperative play. They discover that they are part of a larger world, and that sharing toys and ideas is gratifying.


Our butterflies class effectively prepares children for the transition from preschool to primary school for English Schools Foundation Schools (ESF), Government schools local private schools, international schools and private independent schools in Hong Kong. The curriculum is designed to allow children to express their increasing confidence and independence, while meeting the challenge of their curiosity, energy and endless enthusiasm.

Butterflies are becoming skilled organisers and tireless negotiators who appreciate fairness, reason and logic. Much time is spent exploring their wonderful ideas and making sense of the world around them via group discussion and hands-on experiences. Thematic units are longer and more complex, incorporating multiple mediums and often requiring group planning and cooperation.

Transition to Primary School
From January to June, the Butterfly group is offered an optional Extended Day Programme from noon to 2:00pm, two afternoons a week.  The Extended Day is to provide additional opportunities for Butterfly students to prepare for their transition to primary school.  Details and information about this optional programme are made available in October/November.

Fees & applications

preSchool fees

City Kids is a non-profit school.  Fees go directly to the operating budget to support salaries, purchase teaching resources, develop curriculum, provide professional development  and maintenance of the facilities.  

-     Annual fee: $48,400 payable over 10 months
-     Annual building levy: $2,000 payable per child
      with  first billing cycle
-     Snack fee: $150 per month
-     Field Trip: $100-$200 per trip, once a term
Fees are billed in bi-monthly instalments throughout the school year.

Preschool Applications

Preschool applications are accepted on a year-round basis. There is no application fee. City Kids accepts children between the ages of 2.8 and 5 years. The main intake for new students is September, with a smaller intake in January.  

We encourage parents to put their children on the waiting list as soon as possible.


What's that for?

The preschool is housed in a historic building listed by the Hong Kong government, with spacious and bright classrooms and is well resourced with quality toys, activities and equipment. One of the greatest features of our space is our covered back balcony where children have water, sand and water play, sensory equipment, easels, balls, role play house and climbing equipment.

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Term dates:
January Term 2016: Monday 4 January 2016 – Friday 24 June 2016
JANUARY TERM 2017: Wednesday 4 January 2016 – Wednesday 27 June 2017
Payment details:

On acceptance of the enrolment offer you are required to pay a fee deposit of one month’s fees plus the non-refundable annual Building Levy.  The fee deposit (one month’s fees) will be held by City Kids as a deposit, which will be credited against the last invoice of the final year that your child attends City Kids.  The deposit will not be refunded in the following circumstances:  
(a)           If after payment you decide not to take the place for your child; or  
(b)           If you withdraw your child before they complete one full term at City Kids.    
The Building levy is non refundable in any circumstances.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If you wish to withdraw your child from the Preschool, you are required to give City Kids two calendar month’s written notice before the last attendance date.  (For example, for a child withdrawing on 27 June, City Kids must receive the written notice by 5:00 pm on 27 April).  If a child leaves part way through a month, attendance on any day in a particular month renders school fees payable for the entire month.

What Parents say

Michelle & Stevie Shepherd

"My daughter ALWAYS wanted to come to Preschool and loved every moment she spent here. She loved all of her teachers and always reported back the exciting things she did each day"


Holly Turner

"City Kids is like an extension of our family – Arthur has enjoyed every minute of the 4 years he has spent in the playgroup and preschool."

Wait list

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We encourage parents to put their children on the waiting list as soon as possible.

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